5 Benefits of Jumping Rope Benefits

If you’re considering a way to add a little diversity to your workout regimen, consider the addition of jump roping. A great jump rope could be one of the best investments you incorporate in your fitness regime because of its applauding benefits it has on our cardiorespiratory system. Believe it or not, the simple act of jumping rope can do more for your overall health, than many other cardiorespiratory exercises can. The benefits of jump roping are endless. Here are the top 5 benefits of jump roping:

  1. Improved Coordination. When we think about jumping rope, it’s considered a cyclic activity, which pretty much implies that you perform at a steady and regular rhythm. This steady rhythm can help improve the coordination between of our popular senses: eyes, feet, and hands.
  2. Improved Cognitive Function. Believe it or not, jumping rope involves learning new motor patterns, which helps enhance your nervous system communication between your brain and lower leg muscles.
  3. Increased elasticity of lower-leg muscles. Jumping rope regularly strengthens the calf muscles and improves the elasticity of the surrounding tendons. To better improve your elasticity try to land on the ball of the first foot, but let your heels go all the way to the ground.
  4. Improves Bone Density. Believe it or not, the best exercise to improve bone density is simply jumping up and down. Jumping rope could be a great tool to use if you want to build up your bone density levels. The best thing about it, it’s a portable resource.
  5. Improves your Cardiovascular Health. Jumping rope could improve your breathing efficiency with having a steady and rhythmic pace throughout the exercise. Also, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, skipping rope is highly recommended for aerobic conditioning.
Jump Roping

Consider Investing in a high-quality jump rope

If jumping or skipping rope is an exercise you plan to incorporate into your daily training program, it’s a wise idea to invest in a good, durable jump rope. Ropes with bearings tend to last a little longer compared to jump ropes that just have the knotted in the handle. Plastic ropes are usually used in gyms and they are best suited to use for speed jump roping. Most ropes can range from 8 to 10 feet long.  Consider purchasing a jump rope not a significant investment, but rather a portable exercise tool that can better enhance your overall health.

Now it’s time for your to grab your jump rope, get hopping and experience the prolific ways for it to benefit your health.

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