About Dr. welch

About Dr.welch

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Doctor of Pharmacy: University of South Florida

Bachelors Degree Biomedical Sciences: University of South Florida

Focus areas: Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Nutrition, Metabolic Syndrome, Sports Nutrition, & Kinesiology

About Dr. Welch

Dr. Brandon Welch is an experienced licensed clinician that holds his doctorate in pharmacy from the University of South Florida and his bachelor degree in bio-medical sciences with a focus in biochemistry. His expertise lies in nutrition, sports medicine, genetic counseling, sleep therapy, and kinesiology. He utilizes science based medicine and literature to help maximize his clients training performance and daily lifestyle. He’s worked with several clients, helping them lose weight, improve their sleep cycle, muscle building, meal planning, and appropriate nutrient supplementing.

Health Is Welch

“Unlocking your genetic potential and rebuilding your body one molecule at a time”


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