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Why Performance Coaching?

From working with some of the top healthcare professionals, studying clinical biochemistry, functional medicine, and athleticism, Dr. Brandon Welch has gained the experience that optimizes his clients health and wellness needs. He also brings a myriad of strategic methods backed by real science. 

Dr. Brandon Welch dedicates a high level of passion and enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition and wellness. Whether you are interested in performance training, group training, weight managementoptimizing diets for sports, holistic nutrition, nutrition coaching, Dr. Brandon Welch has a program just for you.


It’s Not About Just Looking Healthy

Our body demands diversity. Just because the outside of someone may look picture perfect, it doesn’t always mean the inside is in the same condition. Our bodies need flexibility in order to scale. This is why Dr. Brandon Welch has spent countless years focusing on clinical biochemistry, functional medicine and nutrient timing to make sure his patients and clients are hitting all cylinders to help better enhance their health. 


Dr. Brandon Welch’s Story

The ultimate dream was always to be an athlete. Life forced my career to pivot in another direction. I often asked myself, what if there was a way without being a sports athlete, to feel what a sports athlete feels like. I wanted to feel fit, to be healthy, and to accomplish goals with an athlete’s state of mind, dedication and purpose. This is when HealthIsWelch finally came to fruition.

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Wellness Plans

Dr. Welch is a registered pharmacist that supports your health and wellness with personal training, coaching and nutrition counseling. Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or mobility, Dr. Welch can help.

* Each coaching plan will require you to first complete your free online health assessment to see if you qualify. Please allow 3 business days for your results.


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Dr. Welch takes his time to understand your health and wellness goals by providing you with a roadmap to follow.

Dr. Anissa Lewis, PharmD, Rph.

Dr. Welch teaches health and wellness classes at our work once a month. We also get to do group training in our corp breakout rooms.

Brianna Pisano

I had a chance to work with Dr. Welch for the last 3 months and I lost over 32 pounds. The best part it was not hard to accomplish if you follow his meal plans and wellness plan.

Robert Cooley


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